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Remove trailing backslashes for Windows VM Guest Filesystem reported by discovery


      The {#FSNAME}-macros returned by filesystem discovery for VMware Guest VMs returns Values with trailing backslash for Windows VMs, e.g. C:\ 

      This is in contrast to what the Zabbix Agent returns (C: ). It is also preventing the use of {#FSNAME} in Makro contexts, as the Backslash will be seen as escaping the trailing " of the macro context resulting in an syntax error and thus preventing e.g. the creation of triggers.

      The official VMware templates do not yet create triggers for the discovered filesystems, so this has probably not been noticed yet.

      So please drop the backslash.

      I already reported this as a bug in ZBX-22575, but apparently this is not considered a bug. I disagree, but here is this issue as a feature request.

      Yes, one could work around this using Macro functions, but you would have to do this potentially everywhere {#FSNAME} is used; e.g. in all filesystem related trigger prototypes. Pretty annoying.

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