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trigger function dynamically count the occurrence of latest value


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      A proposal to have a trigger function capable of working with the latest value and looking back in a time frame to aggregate how many occurrences of this metric happened in the time frame.

      For example, data input (newest on top):

            time value
      1600000150 one
      1600000140 two
      1600000130 three
      1600000120 three
      1600000110 two
      1600000090 one
      1600000080 one
      1600000070 two
      1600000060 three
      1600000050 three 

      With the existing syntax and function "count", the idea can be represented as:

      count(/host/key,5m,"eq",{ITEM.LASTVALUE}) > 5

      The trigger title would have the pointer which exact value is dominating:

      {ITEM.LASTVALUE} occured more than 5 times 

      However, {ITEM.LASTVALUE} build-in macro is not supported inside the function "count".

      Would it be possible to support or implement another trigger function?

      The use case can be related:

      • How many users fail to log into server. Active directory monitoring
      • Failed IP addresses per SSH login
      • Terminal server failed logins per user/computer object
      • Brute force attack

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