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Zabbix Proxy does not proxy remote commands


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      This is the topology I tested:

      (LAN1) Zabbix Server -> (LAN2) Zabbix Proxy -> (LAN2) Zabbix Agent

      I've configured a basic item and linked trigger. They work good.
      Then, I created an action for that trigger, which basically send an email to me and execute a remote command. When the trigger runs the action, the email is sent ok, but the remote command is not executed in the monitored machine (the one with Zabbix Agent).
      The remote command, for instance, may look like this:
      {HOSTNAME}:sudo /tmp/test.sh 1

      (But I tried other simplier commands and they didn't work either)

      If I configured the same (and I mean the same) item, trigger, action and remote command with the following topology it works:

      (LAN2) Zabbix Server -> (LAN2) Zabbix Agent

      So, it seems like Zabbix proxy do not proxy remote commands.

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