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  2. ZBX-10618

dependent trigger cells and rows can disappear in overview


    • Team D
    • Sprint 56 (Sep 2019), Sprint 55 (Aug 2019), Sprint 52 (May 2019), Sprint 53 (Jun 2019), Sprint 54 (Jul 2019), Sprint 57 (Oct 2019)
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      have a host with two triggers, one dependent on another. check monitoring -> overview.
      have the more important trigger fire. the other row disappears.

      have another host with the same triggers. have the more important trigger fire on the first host. it's trigger cell now looks as if no trigger is defined for it at all.

      this is highly misleading - looks like dependencies weren't specifically handled here and just result in displaying being removed.
      in this view, it is suggested to always show triggers, no matter their dependency status.

      if done so, the manual page on this view should say that dependencies are displayed as arrows + tooltips, but do not result in any data being hidden.

      alternatively, triggers that depend on other triggers in the problem state should always be shown as "green - ok" no matter their own state.
      in no case should trigger rows disappear here, or should displaying indicate that there's no trigger.

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