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  2. ZBX-16542

Issue with displaying acknowledged problem in Overview if such problem was already recently resolved


    • Sprint 56 (Sep 2019), Sprint 55 (Aug 2019), Sprint 57 (Oct 2019), Sprint 58 (Nov 2019)
    • 1.5

      Problem description: If a problem, that is triggered right after being resolved, is acknowledged, then it is still displayed in Monitoring => Overview when "Show" is set to "Recent problems" and "Show unacknowledged only" flag is selected.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a host with an item and a trigger.
      2. Set the trigger in status problem.
      3. Set the trigger in status OK.
      4. Set the trigger in status problem once again.
      5. Navigate to Monitoring => Problems and acknowledge the problem.
      6. Navigate to Monitoring => Overview, select Show = "Problems" - verify that the problem is present in the "Overview" view and that it has the acknowledge symbol (check mark).
      7. Switch "Show" to "Recent problems".
      8. Select the "Show unacknowledged only" option.

      Result: The problem is returned in "Recent problems" without the "acknowledge" symbol, but still as a problem (color according to severity) even though it is acknowledged and the "Show unacknowledged only" flag is set. The problem will be there until the resolution event of its' previous occurrence is valid to be displayed under "Recent problems".

      Expected: If the problem has been acknowledged it should be displayed with the acknowledge symbol (check mark), and should not be displayed at all if the "Show unacknowledged only" flag is set.


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