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  2. ZBX-15041

SVG graph widget can be added multiple times by repeatedly pressing "Add" if the widget is just slow enough


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    • Sprint 45, Sprint 46, Nov 2018, Sprint 47, Dec 2018, Sprint 48, Jan 2019, Sprint 56 (Sep 2019), Sprint 55 (Aug 2019), Sprint 49 (Feb 2019), Sprint 50 (Mar 2019), Sprint 51 (Apr 2019), Sprint 52 (May 2019), Sprint 53 (Jun 2019), Sprint 54 (Jul 2019), Sprint 57 (Oct 2019), Sprint 58 (Nov 2019), Sprint 59 (Dec 2019)
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      1. Create a new SVG graph widget and add tons of data sets, problems etc and make it really slow. Slow enough that sliders in data sets (point size, for example) takes ~2-3 seconds to move.
      2. Press "Add" to finally create the heavy widget. It appears that nothing happens after several seconds. Maybe you didn't press the button hard enough, so press it again. And wait. Still nothing is added to dashboard after 10 seconds? OK, maybe press "Add" again to be sure and then go make your self some tea and come back.
      3. Observe that 3 identical widgets have been created.

      It could be just slow because of JS or it could be validation and we are just waiting on PHP to respond. There should be some kind of layer of prevention. Maybe a disabled button and form with transparent loader on top of configuration form while adding of the widget is being processed. Maybe this could affect other widget in the future, so this is not really specific to SVG graph, but the whole dashboard.

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