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Incorrect number of problems returned for a "Trigger" map element in case of dependent triggers exist


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      Problem Description: In case if dependent triggers (both master trigger and the dependent one) are configured in a map element "Trigger", both of them are counted under the number of active problems in the label of the element when both triggers are set in "Problem" status. For map elements "Host" and "Map" only the master triggers are counted in the label.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a Host with a Zabbix Trapper item
      2. Create 2 triggers the problem expressions of which are based on the item created in the previous step - set 1st trigger as dependent on the 2nd trigger.
      3. Navigate to Monitoring => Maps
      4. Create a map - set "Display problems" to "Number of problems and expand most critical one"
      5. Place the following two map elements on this map:

      • Map element with type "Host" - set the previously created host in field "Host"
      • Map element with type "Trigger" - set both previously created triggers in field "Triggers"

      6. Put both triggers in status problem and open the previously created map.

      Result: The count of problems displayed under the "Host" map element takes into account master triggers and does not consider their dependent triggers, but the count of problems displayed under the "Trigger" map element - the sum of master and dependent triggers:

      Expected: The count of problems returned under the "Trigger" map element should not take into account dependent triggers if their master triggers are in status problem.

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