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  2. ZBX-16824

Latest data auto closes filter pop-ups on every refresh, so that user is not able to apply filters if didn't manage to select things within refresh interval


      Steps to reproduce:

      I marked this as a Major problem, because Latest Data is one of the most important core frontend functionalities zabbix administators work with.

      1. This is very annoying that 1st issue:
      2. When opening Latest data for specific host and then open Applications it often shows completely different host, which is strange, because expected to be selected host for which latest data view was opened.
      3. 2nd issue is that if zabbix administrator didn't manage to select required application for Latest data filter it quickly refreshes and auto-closes all opened pop-up windows.
      4. Why not just halt latest data refresh until filter pop-ups are closed by user?
      5. This reminds me similar issue as youtube have with autoplaying. If user was writing a comment and video was playing, then after video finished playing youtube discarded the comment user was writing and switches to next video.
      6. This is not expected behavior. I don't know if this was mentioned before, but this spoils zabbix frontend usage experience. If administrator has multiple applications to scroll through and didn't select filters within refresh interval then everything what was selected is automatically discarded on refresh.


      If filter pop-ups opened, then latest data view should halt refresh until these pop-ups are closed by user.

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