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Graph widgets with close points and aggregation function as None has values aggregated


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    • 5.4.9
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    • firefox 95

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a trapper number item
        1. Others work but this makes it easier
      1. In a dashboard
        1. Create a widget as a graph with:
          1. That metric as dataset
          2. Draw: Line
          3. Missing data: Connected

          4. Aggregation function: None
          5. [other graph options don't really matter here]
      1. Submit very different values over time using zabbix_sender. Here's an example:
        1. At second 0: 0
        2. At second 5: 5000
        3. At second 60: 5000
        4. At second 65: 0
        5. At second 290: 0
        6. At second 300: 300
        7. At second 500: 300
        8. At second 510: 0
      1. See the graph at different time intervals


      You see the graph overreaching all this time interval:

      But if I zoom in into that interval:

      Actually, only that tiny interval had red that high with a second spike:

      If you think

      And if I zoom at the actual location:

      That is what I get.

      So, the data is correct, it's the graph, when zoomed out, that is plotting incorrectly.

      The graph was visually growing into a new value when actually there was a 0 value before the high value.

      These graphs seem very "free-flowing" because they are measuring a very (metrics-wise) very chaotic but important system in our infrastructure that turns off periodically by design (I wish I could be more specific but NDA limits a lot what I can share)


      No aggregation to happen in the graphs and no disagreement between the zoomed out and zoomed in graphs when aggregation is set to "None".

      I understand the space issues. When those exist, do not just choose the latest value for no aggregation. Instead, when drawing, it may make sense to push a value ever so slightly to the left so those visual bridges aren't visible.


      Alternatives tried:

      Different Draw option

      1. Points:
        1. They are too hard to see given our needs and their position
      2. Staircase:
        1. I initially thought of this one as ideal but it turns the "bridging" effect much more severe and even harder to spot.
      3. Bar:
        1. The bars are so thin I can't really look and analyze what I'm seeing.


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