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Configuration with secondary "Interface" of type JMX is not adding linked template items to the database.



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    • 1.9.5 (alpha)
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      Our production environment (and many web/SAAS shops) have a configuration with multiple Tomcat (or other servlet containers) per host, running in a separate JVM serving different applications on different ports. Due to this usage, we have need to monitor both the underlying JVM details and the Tomcat-specific MBean data on the same host.

      I can successfully add one 'Interface' for each of the two JMX agents to talk to on the separate ports (5678,5679) on the same IP of the host. The database has been updated to reflect the secondary JMX interface as indicated, however no templated items seem to get created linked to it.

      Attached file DB-contents.txt shows mysql output indicating the above situation. The attached zabbix_java.log-multi_interface.log shows the port 5678 (primary) RMI connection, as well as a second placeholder host configured to collect on port 5679, properly returning data.

      The request for change is to simply follow the same logic used for the "first" connector to apply to creation of items for secondary+ connectors of the same type, if they are monitoring different ports (valid configuration). It appears that with the introduction of Interfaces, there is no worry about collision of multiple items from the same template (with the same name) since they should be authoritatively referred+queried by linkage to an interfaceid. It seems the failure to create linked items for the second JMX interface is based on an internal explicit protection in the API, though I have not found it yet.

      Would removing this limitation and allowing creation of items of appropriate interface/agent type to be created be simple as it seems? I'm looking to understand the scope of this, since it appears trivial to enable, but its absence has huge impact to use of the JMX agent type.


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