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  2. ZBX-5796

Escalation emails are not behaving as expect


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    • 2.0.3
    • Server (S)
    • Ubuntu 11.4

      In the setup we have trigger that depend on other triggers, e.g
      High ranking Trigger is when a server doesn't respond for 6 mins
      Warning ranking Trigger is when a server doesn't respond for 3 mins

      To make sure Warning triggers are not achive when High triggers are active we have made the Warning trigger depend on the High trigger

      We also have a test action that triggers on all events
      This trigger is set to always Escalations after 1 min (for testing) until the event acknowledged = "Ack"

      If we now turn the server off to test this we get

      no emails up to 3 mins
      warning emails from 3 mins
      high and warning emails from 6 mins (but we only see the high trigger in trigger alerts)
      acknowledge the alert
      warning emails continue to be sent to mailbox every minute.
      Turn server back on
      High & warning recover emails are sent

      Shoudn't the warning emails stop being sent as soon as the high emails are sent ?

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