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  2. ZBX-6118

Very low performance changing template linked with many hosts


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    • 3.4.8rc1, 4.0.0alpha4, 4.0 (plan)
    • 2.0.5rc1, 2.1.0
    • Frontend (F)
    • RedHat OS
      MySQL Percona 5.5.29.
      Related PHP conf: 1GB memory_limit, 1h max_execution_time
      Database installed in a 64GB RAM and SSD-only server.

      my.cnf has been tunned well.
    • Sprint 24, Sprint 25, Sprint 26, Sprint 27
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      Only Zabbix Super Admin used always !

      On 2.0.3:
      We have a host template with 50 items and 10 triggers linked to 20.000 hosts approx.
      When we create/modify/delete an item/trigger the process fails after a long while (>30mins) and huge memory/cpu usage.

      With templates linked to less hosts (~100 hosts) everything works fine.

      On 2.0.5rc1 rev ~32712 (included bunch of expected performance improvements):
      We tried 2.0.5rc1 and it doesn't solve the problem:
      we change an item in a template linked to 10.000 hosts and it takes approx 20 minutes which is too long for the user to wait.
      we change an item in a template linked to 20.000 hosts and after a while (and huge cpu load) the process fails leaving just some hosts with the new added item.

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