the way new selection works is not consistent and highly confusing to users. consider these two examples :

      a) in the dashboard filter, adding groups happens just by adding them to a field. they are removed with "X" next to each 'floating block'
      b) in template linking tab, templates are added the same way as in (a)... but then user also has to click on 'add' link and templates are removed by clicking on "unlink".

      to make things worse, template mass update does not require that extra "add" step.

      places where this should be changed :
      1) template linkage in host/template properties
      2) template selection for action conditions (network discovery, autoreg)
      3) templates tab in host prototypes
      4) more ?

      instead, in the second case, new templates should be just added to this new control and "add" control should be removed completely. special case handling for just added templates (not showing "unlink & clear") probably can be nuked, too.

      all places where the new controls are used should be reviewed.

      filing as a bug because of the huge confusion this causes to users after they use one and another way in different locations


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