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Template linkage - return multiselect, remove add button


    • Sprint 57 (Oct 2019), Sprint 58 (Nov 2019), Sprint 59 (Dec 2019), Sprint 60 (Jan 2020)
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      Moving away from subforms and multiselects has it's own drawbacks. For example template linking has now become slower. Before it was easy as just to type part of a template name and find it regardless to which group it belonged. Now user has to know in which group this template belongs and use Ctrl+F to find in the list. Of course this is not different that pressing "Select" and experiencing the same thing. And that too can be improved, I believe. So there should be an easier way to find templates while user is the popup. We could add some kind of filter that would change the template list as user is typing in the search field. I'm not sure about group dropdown. Possibly we can leave it, but then we need some kind of checkbox that allows to filter in all groups, not only selected group. Maybe by default filter the list and if that template is not found in this group, look for it in other groups? Sounds a bit complicated. Suggestions? In any case this change will affect all popups. So a bit more careful planning is required. I propose to discuss and create specification.

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