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Trigger dependencies ignored when a maintenance window expires



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      We are successfully using trigger dependencies and escalations to prevent notification storms. We have several hundred sites being monitored where the ping trigger status of all servers at a given site is dependent on the ping trigger status of the router at the same site using a standard trigger dependency.

      We ping all devices every five minutes and use a 2 step escalation on our actions with a 5:30 delay to allow enough time for trigger dependencies to be resolved before firing the action.

      This all works beautifully EXCEPT when both the dependent and antecedent device are still in a problem state when a maintenance period (covering both devices) expires. When maintenance expires, actions are created for both devices and the trigger dependency is seemingly ignored.

      This behaviour has been consistent for a large number of incidents since we implemented a few months ago despite our best efforts and experimentation.

      Please allow me to detail the most recent occurrence:

      • RouterA and ServerA are pinged every five minutes
      • ServerA's ping trigger depends on RouterA's ping trigger
      • All ping items and triggers are applied via a common template
      • Trigger expression: `
        Unknown macro: {Template ICMP Echo}


      • Both devices are covered by the same recurring maintenance window (with data collection) which starts at 5pm daily and expires at 7am the next day.
      • One action is defined to generate an incident notification with the following conditions:
      • Maintenance status is not maintenance
      • Trigger value = PROBLEM
      • Trigger = Template ICMP Echo: Ping test failed
      • The Action operation step duration is 330 seconds
      • The notification is generated as step 2 of the action.

      The most recent sequence of events is as follows:

      • Day 1
      • 26/08/14 17:00 Both devices go into maintenance mode. Both in OK state
      • 26/08/14 18:54 ServerA has first 100% packet loss
      • 26/08/14 18:55 RouterA has first 100% packet loss
      • 26/08/14 19:04 ServerA trigger correctly switches to PROBLEM state
      • 26/08/14 19:05 RouterA trigger correctly switches to PROBLEM state
      • Day 2
      • 27/08/14 07:00 Both devices come out of maintenance mode. Both in consistent PROBLEM state all night
      • 27/08/14 07:00 Event is created for ServerA and RouterA
      • 27/08/14 07:07:18 Step 2 notification is sent for ServerA (despite trigger dependency on RouterA)
      • 27/08/14 07:07:24 Step 2 notification is sent for RouterA (which we expect)
      • 27/08/14 07:39 ServerA recovers (no packet loss)
      • 27/08/14 07:40 RouterA recovers (no packet loss)


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