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Option to execute Web scenarios by Zabbix agent



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      Due to the last couple of improvements in this area Web scenarios are becoming a unique selling point.
      They enable End-to-End monitoring for almost any web based application with great flexibility and maintainability.

      Recently I was asked whether Web scenarios might even be executed by hosts via Zabbix agent.
      The intention was to check from front end web proxy hosts whether all redundant paths from there to application servers can be successfully used.

      My answer to that question was "No", but one could put a dedicated Zabbix proxy on such DMZ hosts, which then can do web scenario checks.
      While saying that I realize that this was actually not an ideal solution from several points of view. Especially when having in mind that there are several hundreds of such web proxies for different applications.
      Then I briefly thought of some iptables magic to add kind of forwarding per path....quite in-transparent and actually pretty poor too.
      Finally I though, why actually not?

      Now, how about extending Zabbix agent by an active check for processing Web scenarios? Or possibly even better extending by a separate HTTP poller process?
      An option on Web scenario level could allow to select whether a scenario should be executed on Server/Proxy or Agent level.

      I'm aware that this needs significant developing in either way and would possibly break the ambition to have items available on every OS supported by Zabbix agent.

      Anyway, I can imagine that this functionality would be valuable for many users.

      I was sure there is already a ticket that requests an option to select whether a Web scenario is executed on Server or Proxy level. There I wanted to add this request actually - but I haven't found one


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