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new macros to indicate error message of item/lldrule/trigger in internal monitoring alerts


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    • Sprint 83 (Dec 2021), Sprint 84 (Jan 2022), Sprint 85 (Feb 2022)
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      Just tried alerts for internal events and I'm disappointed...

      One of the reasons is that in Zabbix frontend (in "Info" column) I can see detailed and very useful info why item/trigger is not_supported/unknown.

      But I cannot include this information in alerts and I must log into frontend to check what is wrong, while having such information directly in alerts I would be able to see that I could ignore such cases.

      For example when Zabbix agent in maintenance I get internal alerts that all the "agent's passive" triggers became Unknown and I don't have any other details, while all the triggers have simply "Agent is unavailable." error message, which is not so serious.
      ... or when for just added item+trigger the trigger has error message "Cannot evaluate function "Zabbix server:agent.ping.nodata(5m)": item does not have enough data after server start or item creati"
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      I'd be happy to have macros like {ITEM.STATE.ERROR}, {LLDRULE.STATE.ERROR}, {TRIGGER.STATE.ERROR} and use them in corresponding action for internal events.
      These macros can get information from database easily (column "error").


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