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Allow to add own links to Host context menu (with interface mock)


    • Sprint 90 (Jul 2022), Sprint 91 (Aug 2022), Sprint 92 (Sep 2022), Sprint 93 (Oct 2022)
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      As almost everything Web now these context links are really useful with nearly any company has some other systems such as:

      • CMDBs and Inventory systems
      • Service Desk
      • Reporting
      • and others.

      As well as hosts that you monitor also have local web page which you might decide want to visit to check or reconfigure something.

      So, In host menu that appears when you click on host name it would be really useful if you can configure and add your own links,
      Like so:

      To be useful and easy to implement this feature should probably have the following traits:

      • Possibility to add your own links to GO TO part of Host Menu on Host, Host Group(optional), Template and Global levels:
        • Host Group(optional) and Global levels can be mostly used to company links to other intranet systems
        • Template and Host levels would be usefull to add links to host Web admin page
      • Context menu customization should be imported/exported as part of template/host in XML
      • Allowing the usage of macros like

        and user macros is essential so CMDB system could be opened with inventory card of the device.

      • Nesting and grouping should be supported for keeping things organized (should work same way it works for Global scripts)
      • Should be working everywhere where Host menu is available, including maps

      The example of Template level configuration is below:

      P.S. Would be cool if Global scripts also can be assigned to Hosts on Template/Host level. Scripts could be choosen from the list of existing in current Zabbix installation. As there is no reason to assign some SNMP checks on Zabbix agent host without snmp interface

      P.P.S. Custom internal links could also be helfpul here. For example, you might have a link in context menu that leads to the most important metric(item) graph of the device. And you can add it on a template level to make sure link would only appear for a host that actually has this graph/item:

      And that would make very handy system shortcuts possible to create
      This part is competely automatic, requires zero configuration and can be implemented as a separate feature.

      P.P.P.S. URI like ssh:// or vnc:// could be probably utilized in some way here

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