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Allow Zabbix agent(active) to report metric to Server instant on value change (state change)


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.2.3
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      My suggestion is to turn zabbix agent locally into state change machine.

      Let's say you collect many many things that don't change very often like:

      • Serial numbers, hostname,MACs or other inventory information
      • Network Interfaces statuses, maximum bandwidth, descriptions, etc...
      • HDD SMART status OK or BAD
      • other stuff that either status of something (you put value maps very often on it) or descriptions.

      So now you might have an issue with that, especially statuses:

      • You want to be notified as quickly as possible when status changes to something bad (like interface is down)
      • On the other hand:
      • you don't really want to fill in your Zabbix DB with interface statuses values every 10seconds
      • and don't want to create unnecessary load on trappers, network and other resources.

      So here is my suggestion how to solve that by enhancing Zabbix agent(active):

      • Make Zabbix Agent to store last collected item value locally in memory.
        For items marked with a new tick in web interface like 'state monitor':
      • Keep checking this item every 5-30 seconds locally(or introduce another parameter in item configuration called 'Local update interval'):
        If new item value is different from the previous one stored in-memory then send this item immediatly to the Server. Otherwise just do nothing.
      • Send item value to Zabbix Server as mentioned in regular Update interval (lets say every 60, 30, 10 or 5 minutes) even if there was no state change. This will work as a proof that item is still alive.

      What will you get?

      • Almost instant status update when something changes.
      • And you will get it without any pressure on Zabbix DB, zabbix-server or network

      This suggestion can be further expanded into SNMP or simple checks: pollers will check items marked as 'state monitor' flag as frequently as possible, but store values only on state change or when classic update interval comes


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