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  2. ZBXNEXT-4103

provide a way to work in BULK mode for buggy snmp devices (mismatched OIDs)


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      In ZBX-8621 strict validation for all snmp requests (single and bulk ones) has been added.
      A bit later, in ZBX-8982 it was understood that it was too much and turned strict OID validation off for single-variable SNMP requests.
      So it's very arguable does it makes sense to consider some roll back for considered changes and validation checks for bulk requests.
      Because if you will face with another device, affected by issues like #6 in ZBXNEXT-2301, you will get that issue (wrong data gathering) as well.

      I've prepared an atomic "validation off for bulk", which should allow server to increase OIDs number in case of different OIDs in response.
      The patch resolves the issue, but we would need a more user friendly solution, to not apply a patch for compilation.

      Affected devices - Brocade, the most used Fiber Switch on the market, and it's not easy to talk with the manufacturer to fix something.
      But this is the most famous devices on the market and it would be good to have some solution to be able to work without problems even if they have a Bug.

      The device behavior has been noted in this comment #7 https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBXNEXT-2301#comment-239489
      Zabbix server, after restart, tries to request 2 OIDs, but the device responses with different OIDs, respectively:
    000000000166efcc 000001a9853eff14

      after that, zabbix server correctly switches back to single-oid requests ("halve" fallback in zabbix code) and continue to work this way.

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