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  2. ZBXNEXT-5251

Extend widget "Problems by severity" with aggregated view


    • Team D
    • Sprint 55 (Aug 2019), Sprint 53 (Jun 2019), Sprint 54 (Jul 2019)
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      Smooth migration from screens to dashboards requires some changes. Functionality of the existing screen element "Trigger info" should remain supported.

      Zabbix acceptance

      Existing widget "Problems by severity" will support aggregated view

      • New attribute: View (Show host groups, default, or Totals). A better naming can be selected at design phase.
      • If Totals is selected
        • The widget will display number of problems per severity in one row or one column same way as it is displayed now for screen element "Trigger info"
          • The only difference is that we will take data from Problems not from Triggers and no information about OK status will be available¬†
            • Zeros must be displayed as well. For example, if we have zero Average problems than 0 will still be displayed on a background with solid color corresponding to Average severity
          • New attribute will be enabled: Layout (horizontal, default, or vertical)
          • The following attributed will be disabled: Hide groups without problems
            Documentation must be updated

      Nonfunctional requirements

      • Must create early UX/UI design prototype

      Use cases

      • I don't want to lose existing functionality when migrating from screens to dashboards

      Decisions made

      • No information about status of triggers will be available, it is all about problems. Therefore it is a functional regression.

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