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    • Sprint 69 (Oct 2020), Sprint 70 (Nov 2020), Sprint 71 (Dec 2020)
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      • For all vmware template:
      1. create user macro {$VM.UUID} equal {#VM.UUID}
      2. create user macro {$VM.DNS} equal {#VM.DNS}
      3. remove {HOST.HOST} from any keys for VM and replace to {$VM.UUID}
      4. create empty user macro {$VM.HOST}
      5. set as VM host name the user macro {$VM.HOST}
      6. make custom interface for VM host prototype and set ip = {#VM.IP}
      7. make custom interface for HV host prototype and set ip = {#HV.IP}
      • for template VMWare - define user macro {$VM.HOST} as {$VM.UUID}
      • for template VMWare FQDN - define user macro {$VM.HOST} as {$VM.DNS}
        • Do not discover VMs with empty {#VM.DNS}

      Remove {HOST.HOST} from all keys for HV and DS also

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