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Extend set of collected metrics for VM and HV


    • Sprint 70 (Nov 2020), Sprint 71 (Dec 2020), Sprint 72 (Jan 2021), Sprint 73 (Feb 2021), Sprint 74 (Mar 2021)
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      The practice of using VMWare templates has shown that it is necessary to add a group of metrics to cover the most common use cases.
      Proposed metrics aligned with support:

      • HV
      type perfCounter units key notes
      cpu Usage[Average] % vmware.hv.cpu.usage.perf CPU usage as a percentage during the interval
      cpu Utilization[Average] % vmware.hv.cpu.utilization CPU usage as a percentage during the interval depends on power management or HT
      storage path Multipath count num vmware.hv.datastore.multipath Number of available DS paths
      power powerCap[Average]  W vmware.hv.power Maximum allowed power usage 
      power power[Average] W vmware.hv.power Current power usage

      Add to vmware.hv.datastore.discovery:

       - {#MULTIPATH.COUNT}: registered number of DS paths 

       - {#MULTIPATH.PARTITION.COUNT}: number of available disk partition

      • VM
      type perfCounter units key notes
      network usage[Average] KBps vmware.vm.net.if.usage Network utilization (combined transmit-rates and receive-rates) during the interval
      memory swapped[Average] KB vmware.vm.guest.memory.size.swapped Amount of guest physical memory that is swapped out to the swap space
      memory consumed[Average] KB vmware.vm.memory.size.consumed Amount of host physical memory consumed for backing up guest physical memory pages
      memory usage[Average] % vmware.vm.memory.usage Percentage of host physical memory that has been consumed
      cpu latency[Average] % vmware.vm.cpu.latency Percent of time the virtual machine is unable to run because it is contending for access to the physical CPU(s)
      cpu readiness[Average] % vmware.vm.cpu.readiness Percentage of time that the virtual machine was ready, but could not get scheduled to run on the physical CPU
      cpu swapwait[Summation] % vmware.vm.cpu.swapwait CPU time spent waiting for swap-in
      cpu usage[Average] % vmware.vm.cpu.usage.perf CPU usage as a percentage during the interval
      system osUptime[Latest] s vmware.vm.guest.osuptime Total time elapsed, in seconds, since last operating system boot-up
      virtualDisk readOIO[Latest] num vmware.vm.storage.readoio Average number of outstanding read requests to the virtual disk during the collection interval 
      virtualDisk writeOIO[Latest] num vmware.vm.storage.writeoio Average number of outstanding write requests to the virtual disk during the collection interval
      virtualDisk totalWriteLatency[Average] ms vmware.vm.storage.totalwritelatency The average time a write to the virtual disk takes
      virtualDisk totalReadLatency[Average] ms vmware.vm.storage.totalreadlatency The average time a read from the virtual disk takes 

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