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Deprecate Oracle DB in 7.0


    • Sprint 102 (Jul 2023)
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      Supporting many DB engines usually means either a code that is difficult to work with or a clean code that only uses the lowest common denominator of features. Up to this point we tried to maintain a reasonable balance between these approaches but this takes a lot of time and diverts our attention from the main point of our product - the best monitoring solution in the world.

      This means that we should focus our development efforts solely on two DB engines (and their derivatives) that are used the most - MySQL and PostgreSQL. This will let us aim for even better performance and quality, less technical compromise and benefit for both Zabbix users and Zabbix developers.

      Just to make it clear and avoid any confusion:

      • Oracle DB support is not removed in 7.0, only deprecated. But it will be removed in one of the subsequent versions. The deprecation warning will be displayed in logs and/or UI in 7.0.
      • Only Oracle DB as Zabbix storage is deprecated. Everything that is monitoring-related (Oracle monitoring plugin, templates, ODBC items, etc) will continue as usual.

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