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  2. ZBXNEXT-8741

Improve 'Show' checkbox list and dynamic field behaviour in Gauge and Item value widgets


    • Sprint 105 (Oct 2023), Sprint 106 (Nov 2023)
    • 0.25

      After ZBXNEXT-8681 implementation, improvements and new design pattern for 'Show' checkbox list behavior and disabled fields in Gauge and Item value widgets suggested by the UX designer:

      • Allow unchecking all checkboxes in 'Show' field. The result for saving such settings can be one of the following (to be discussed and decided upon implementation):
      1. update the checkbox list widget field behaviour so that when neither options are selected, the widget accordingly does not show any of the 'Show' elements;
      2. add an asterisk mark to the 'Show' field label and upon submit with all 'Show' checkboxes empty, throw an error indicating: "At least one 'Show' parameter must be selected." (exact error message TBD).
      • In Gauge widget, if 'Needle' checkbox is checked in 'Show' field, as soon as neither Value arc nor Thresholds arc is shown, disable and uncheck the 'Needle' checkbox, remove the 'Needle' configuration field group from Advanced configuration section. Same behaviour for 'Scale' checkbox and configuration fields;
      • Whenever a field is disabled, the field's label should also have a different design (color) than available fields. Color suggested for disabled field label text in default user theme - #B2B2B2 (see 'Show_checkbox_improvement_1.png' and 'Show_checkbox_improvement_2.png' for examples).

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