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Unique names for global scripts


    • Sprint 93 (Oct 2022), Sprint 94 (Nov 2022), Sprint 95 (Dec 2022), Sprint 96 (Jan 2023), Sprint 97 (Feb 2023), Sprint 98 (Mar 2023)
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      With the introduction of ZBXNEXT-6368 the way scripts are created is changed, which is causing problems.

      In Zabbix 5.0/5.2, making a "manual host action script" was done by specifying the menupath followed by the name: menu1/menu2/scriptname

      This made sure that a name is unique, but duplicate names in different menus were allowed:


      When executing such a script, it was nice and consistent, easy to recognise and clear for users.

      With the introduction of Zabbix 5.4 the naming of the scrips are changed:


      Since the name will be added to the menu path, and the name is unique, a configuration as possible with zabbix 5.0 is not possible anymore, as we cannot make multiple scripts with just the name 'enable' and different menu paths.


      Although this seems like a small regression, it is actually (again) a usability issue in the frontend, causing quite some trouble after an upgrade. 

      1) the naming is changed:

      2) when working a lot with procedures after an upgrade all those procedures must be updated as well

      3) breaking automation (a bit) due to the unique names.


      I would like to see this naming part reverted into the old situation.

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