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ability to discover arbitrary number of SNMP lld values


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    • 2.5.0
    • 2.0.3
    • Proxy (P), Server (S)
    • centos 5 zabbix 2.0.0

      Dear, I need help with LLD. Thanks to ZABBIX team for coming up with LLD feature almost like Cacti... I had to make separate templates for each of my devices earlier which seems would be much smoother from now on.

      Anyways, please help me with LLD. With LLD discovery, if I use ifDescr as discovery key then variable (#SNMPVALUE) stores the description of the interfaces i.e. ge-0/2/0 or something similar as value. I also need to have the ifAlias value shown.

      Note: I tried several way around...

      1) Using ifAlias as discovery parameter. But this only shows interfaces with Alias being given there. Interfaces without Alias are not shown.

      2) Creating two discovery rules. One with ifDescr & one with ifAlias. But I don't know if the two separate variables (#SNMPVALUE)'s are created or even those variables can be interlinked or not.

      In short, I require a way around to get the LLD create my items/triggers/etc with both ifDescr (ge-0/2/0) && - ifAlias (Connected to XYZ) in there like cacti...

      Note: I see 2.0.0 LLD SNMP built-in template already has sever items created under it.One of those is Alias. Can I use this Alias varibale in trigger/graph/other prototypes?

      For example: where ifDescr is used as discovery parameter, is it possible to create a trigger name like: "Interface down on {HOST.NAME} interface {#SNMPVALUE} ifAlias{#SNMPINDEX} or IF-MIB::ifAlias{#SNMPINDEX} etc etc...

      please help.


      Specification: https://www.zabbix.org/wiki/Docs/specs/ZBXNEXT-1554

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