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New dashboard widget "Graph prototype"



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      Smooth migration from screens to dashboards requires some changes. Existing screen element "Graph prototype" should be supported as a new dashboard widget.

      Zabbix acceptance

      1. A new dashboard widget "Graph prototype" must be created
        1. Supported attributes: selection of a graph prototype, number of columns (1, by default), dynamic item (off by default), max number of graphs (1-100, 10 by default)  
        2. The graphs will by ordered by name and displayed in the widget in a table layout (left to right, top to bottom)
          1. The column placement must be adjusted to dashboard grid, each graph must take one or more grid columns
          2. If number of graph columns does not match width of the widget then some graphs (left to right precedence) will have larger width 
          3. Visually it must look like one widget with one title and control-icons on top 
        3. The widget will use older PNG graphs for now
      2. Documentation must be updated

      Nonfunctional requirements

      1. Must create early UX/UI design prototype

      Use cases

      1. I don't want to lose existing functionality when migrating from screens to dashboards

      Decisions made

      1. PNG graphs will be used for now, it will be migrated to vector graphs as soon as we implement support of stacked and pie graphs


        1. Ghost_graph.gif
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          Larisa Grigorjeva
        2. Peek 2019-09-02 16-49.gif
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        3. Peek 2019-09-02 18-16.gif
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        4. Selection_520.png
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        5. Selection_521.png
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        6. Selection_522.png
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        7. Selection_523.png
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        9. Selection_526.png
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        11. Selection_529.png
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