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Deprecate EOL database engines and upgrade requirements for the LTS 6.0 (min database version support)


    • Sprint 80 (Sep 2021)
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      Zabbix LTS releases are supported for Zabbix customers during five (5) years i.e. 3 years of Full Support (general, critical and security issues) and 2 additional years of Limited Support (critical and security issues only). In accordance with LTS policy database engines with EOL state should not be considered as a proper solution for release.

      The following database engines are considered EOL or near-EOL state or have blocker problems for Zabbix can be considered as NOT supported:

      1. MySQL 5.1-5.6: https://www.mysql.com/support/supportedplatforms/database.html
      2. Percona 5.1-5.6: https://www.percona.com/services/policies/percona-software-support-lifecycle
      3. MariaDB 5.1-10.1: https://mariadb.org/about/#maintenance-policy
      4. PostgreSQL 9.2-9.6: https://www.postgresql.org/support/versioning/
      5. TimescaleDB < 2.0.1:

        #2874 Fix partitionwise agg crash due to uninitialized memory

      6. Oracle 11- https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Oracle%20Database%20Products/742060_1.html

      Support the following versions with an additional Server/Proxy configuration option (for example, AllowUnsupportedDbVersions) to allow versions which are not considered as stable/tested for LTS 6.0 release:

      1. MySQL 5.7: https://www.mysql.com/support/supportedplatforms/database.html
      2. Percona 5.7: https://www.percona.com/services/policies/percona-software-support-lifecycle
      3. MariaDB 10.2-10.4: https://mariadb.org/about/#maintenance-policy
      4. PostgreSQL 10-12: https://www.postgresql.org/support/versioning/

        #2874 Fix partitionwise agg crash due to uninitialized memory

      • users with PgSQL problems out of the box: ZBX-18854:

        Reduce memory usage for query strings and extension scripts that contain many SQL statements (Amit Langote)
        #15847 bug (PostgreSQL bug tracker, related TSDB issue)? This issue should be fixed starting from PgSQL 12 version.

      1. Oracle 18c: https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Oracle%20Database%20Products/742060_1.html

      Recommended for LTS 6.0:

      • MariaDB >=10.5
      • Oracle >=19
      • PgSQL >=13
      • TSDB >=2.3
      • MySQL >=8.0
      • Percona >=8.0

      Additional reasons to the EOL of the products:

      • performance due to the architectural bottlenecks (MySQL/PgSQL/Oracle);
      • blocker bugs with memory/partitioning handling (TimescaleDB);
      • unsafe default configurations options (MariaDB);
      • query optimiser works different between versions, support less database engines, but consider on performance/quality;
      • schema limits (Oracle);
      • tools for fast/parallel backup are mostly not available making moving data/fixing configuration issues problematic;

      Official database engine repositories provide good quality packages ready for production use instead of an outdated ones.

      Main operating systems are covered from all engines with a suggested policy:

      • Debian 9/10/11;
      • RHEL 8/Oracle Linux 8;
      • SUSE 12 SP5;
      • SUSE 15 SP3;
      • OpenSUSE 15 SP3;
      • Ubuntu 18.04/Ubuntu 20.04;
      • any other system based on the mentioned above;
      • container environments with any of the OS above;

      As a Zabbix user i would like to have exact recommendations, rather than - use any like MariaDB 5.5, but in two month you will face issues and need to spend 1 week, to move for another database

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